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You Crush Life, We Crush Grapes!

You Crush Life, We Crush Grapes!

Blogger enjoying a glass of wine

I’M GETTING IN SHAPE is always one of the top New Year’s Resolution goals for everyone. 
What if I told you that you can drink wine after your workout and not feel guilty?

Ever heard of Fit Vine Wine? Is there really a such thing as a fit wine? 

Fit Vine Wine started with friends who shared the same work out goals and decided to join forces and make a healthy and clean wine to fit their lifestyle. 

What makes a wine clean? Let’s look a little closer at the process of Fit Vine Wine. The wine is processed through an extended fermentation process, leaving a lower sugar level, no flavor additives, less sugar, fewer sulfites and Pesticide-free. 

Of course, I couldn’t blog about the wine without tasting it. Let’s sip!

Fit Vine Cabernet Sauvignon 
Displayed currant, oak and chocolate on the nose, bold flavor with an easy finish. 
Per 5oz glass: 0.06g of Sugar, 117 Calories, 3.9g of Carbohydrates @ 14.1% alcohol

Fit Vine Chardonnay
Displayed aromas, citrus and vanilla. This wine is full of flavor and body, dry, with a lingering finish. Per 5oz glass: 0.04g of Sugar, 115 Calories, 2.5g of Carbohydrates @ 13.4% alcohol

Sounds pretty, amazing to me! Guilt-free wine, after a hard-core workout, I’m here for it! Where are my Keto, Paleo, Crossfit and other health nuts at? This could be the wine for you! Are you convinced by Fit Vine Wine? Who’s giving it a try? 


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