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One Last Toast to Summer Wines!

One Last Toast to Summer Wines!

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I know what you're thinking...Summer is almost over and we need to bring on the Fall wines! Not me! Fall may be near, but it's still hot enough in Texas to fry an egg on top of your car! I personally drink red wines in the Fall and switch over to Prosecco, Rose' and white wines in the Summer. This Summer has been an adventurous one with exploring new wines. Bring on more of Rose', Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc wines at least for another month. I've been enjoying these Summer beauties...

2018 Bourgrier Rose' D'Anjou - Loire, France: crisp, refreshing and full of strawberry and raspberry notes. So perfect for Texas heat. Serves well with chicken and fish.

2017 Bretonniere Melon- Muscadet, Loire, France: High acidity, citrus flavors, balanced with green, crisp fruit. Serves well with shellfish.

2016 Wild Stallion Vineyards Blanc Du Bois - Semi sweet white wine with pear and apple notes and other tropical fruits. This Texas wines stands up against this Texas heat! This wine also won the Houston Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition Award in 2018.

What wines will you end the Summer with?


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